a glowing brain model sitting on top of a table

Photo by randa marzouk

MATT GROWCOOT reporting for PetaPixel:

“Adobe Stock has removed a collection of AI-generated images in the style of Ansel Adams’ landscape photography after the late photographer’s estate slammed Adobe for its conduct.”


“We invite you to become proactive about complaints like ours and stop putting the onus on individual artists/artists’ estates to continuously police our IP on your platform, on your terms,” Adams’ Threads account writes. “It’s past time to stop wasting resources that don’t belong to you.”

Independent artists don’t have the firepower to fight behemoths like Adobe. It’s like trying to stop a steamroller with a paintbrush. Sure, giants fighting each other is better than nothing, but the arrogance of Adobe and other big players is starting to grind my gears.

It’s important to keep advocating for fair practices and carefully choosing the space where creativity can thrive.

Standing up, supporting each other, looking for alternatives, and working towards a digital landscape that values unique contributions seems to be one thing that we as users can do.

Making sure people keep hearing the message that Adobe and others like them are abusing the very customers they depend on is probably another.