Hey there!

This blog is my digital, Midori notebook. And this is my about page.

So, as a photographer (and IT project manager, but that’s a story for another post), I’m like a sponge for knowledge and experiences. I’m all about capturing everything that catches my eye, whether through my lens or in everyday life.

My interests range from photography and dance to books, movies, and tech. It’s a lot to juggle, but it keeps my brain buzzing. Oh, and you better believe I take some time to let loose and do some seriously silly stuff. Jumping off the edge sometimes and see what happens, you know? I advise you strongly against it, because that lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

I’m not out here trying to be the best at any one thing. I just want to keep my mind alive and my soul fed. And man, I love sharing, hoping to sprinkle a little inspiration and joy around. I get that not everyone vibes with my approach, but let’s be real. We’re all under intense pressure to be superstars. Sometimes, you gotta do things for the pure fun of it, without worrying about impressing anyone.

My mind is abundant with ideas, yet their overwhelming quantity often hinders me from expressing them. I absorb a great deal of information but struggle with finding the right outlet for it. This is currently the case, with numerous narratives swirling in my head, seeking a means to be translated into coherent writing.

Maybe my zest for life will rub off on you, and we can exchange positive waves together.