raindrops during nighttime



The clouds have conspired, a dastardly plot,
To shower us daily, without a spot,
They open their floodgates, pour down with glee,
As we scramble for shelter, our clothes dripping free.

Umbrellas and raincoats, our constant companions,
Protecting us from the watery avalanche,
But alas, they fail, the rain seeps through,
Leaving us soaked, from head to shoe.

The streets have transformed into mini-canals,
Puddles and streams, our new local trails,
We wade through the waters, like aquatic creatures,
Splashing and laughing, our rainy-day features.

When will this deluge finally cease?
A moment of dryness, a chance to find peace?
Alas, the clouds mock, with a wink and a grin,
“The rain, dear friends, has only just begun!”