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It’s always raining


The clouds have conspired, a dastardly plot,
To shower us daily, without a spot,
They open their floodgates, pour down with glee,
As we scramble for shelter, our clothes dripping free.

Umbrellas and raincoats, our constant companions,
Protecting us from the watery avalanche,
But alas, they fail, the rain seeps through,
Leaving us soaked, from head to shoe.… Read More. “It’s always raining”

The Rocky Road of Mainstream WordPress Plugins

What happened?

I dared venture into the wild, wacky world of WordPress plugins, only to find myself tangled in the vines of frustration. I must admit that I have been wooed by the shiny promise of these digital tools, dreaming of seamless integration and website wizardry. But, as always, the reality is more like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole while wearing boxing gloves.… Read More. “The Rocky Road of Mainstream WordPress Plugins”

The Transformative Future of Remote Work; Between reality and BS.

In the vast landscape of the modern workforce, a new beacon has risen, guiding a monumental shift in how we define the office and the working day. Remote work, once a rare and occasionally inconvenient option, has metamorphosed into a primary mode of operation for businesses and individuals alike.

The Evolution of Remote Work

From the earliest days of human labour, off-site employment has undergone significant transformations.… Read More. “The Transformative Future of Remote Work; Between reality and BS.”

Emily and the menacing message.

The night hung heavy around me as I sat in my dimly lit office, the only illumination emanating from the restless glow of my smartphone. Its screen flickered with a relentless stream of notifications, each one more invasive than the last. Taking a drag from my cigarette, I struggled to focus on the task at hand, but the ceaseless buzzing and beeping of the phone was pushing me to the edge of sanity.… Read More. “Emily and the menacing message.”

Serbian coffee. Greek coffee. Bosnian coffee. Turkish coffee.

Before Yugoslavia fell apart and the situation in the Balkans worsened, the coffee was called “Turkish coffee.”

On a side note, like in Italy, there is a way to order a cup in Serbia if you want to pretend you’re a local: “Oj majstore, daj dve Turske, molim te”. Or even better, “Dve Turske, molim te” if you order before being asked.

Read More. “Serbian coffee. Greek coffee. Bosnian coffee. Turkish coffee.”

Sharing bookmarks

Managing a reasonable number of bookmarks is OK with browser favorites. However, it can become overwhelming once you start using them for research, as a reference, or for creating a helpful knowledge base.

Mac users are lucky because DevonThink Pro is a possible solution. As a former Mac user, I regret not having this option anymore.… Read More. “Sharing bookmarks”

This dino should roll over and die.

Google is moving up on the enshittification scale.

Big media publishers are inundating the web with subpar product recommendations you can’t trust


“Savvy SEOs at big media publishers (or third-party vendors hired by them) realized that they could create pages for ‘best of’ product recommendations without the need to invest any time or effort in actually testing and reviewing the products first.”

Read More. “This dino should roll over and die.”